1950s Dairy Scoop Van with Ice Cream posterThe Story of our Retro Ice Cream Van

Restoring our 1950s vintage dairy scoop van back to life:

From humble beginnings, when purchased in 2013 to the gleaming work of art we are able to showcase today!

The history gallery below shows the processes the van lovingly underwent, throughout its extensive restoration:

  • It became something of a passion – from the day we began stripping away its bright blue and burgundy colour scheme, right down to the base.
  • The next phase was to work on the chassis and engine.
  • With the heart of the vehicle fully restored and intact, work started on the exterior.
  • This began with a coat of primer before we replaced the top coat in a creamy buttermilk gloss.
  • We eventually painted the panels in a rich fire engine red to give the van a professional coach finish.
  • With the van restored to mint condition, we finally had it embellished with our company name with the help of a professional sign writer.

Our 1950s Ice Cream Van will add a touch of Class to any Event